José – Don Chema

José Montoya is close to 80 years old and has been a farmer for
all his life. He has seven children. Known as Don Chema, he has plenty of energy, lifts everyone’s spirits with his guitar, and isn’t a bad singer either.

Each time Don Chema visits the clinic, he brings the beans he harvested. He has gone through a process of corrective healing for almost 3 months.

Bitcoin Smiles Story: José Don Chema. Read his story on Bitcoin Smiles and help us to raise more funds for free dental care

Today, we’re returning the smile to Done Chema. He makes us smile so much with his personality and friendliness. Thanks to Bitcoin, “People won’t make fun of me anymore” Don Chema told us.

We bring smiles with Bitcoin 

BitcoinSmiles is an initiative by BTCPay ServerBitcoin Design & Diente Zonte clinic aiming to raise funds and provide free dental care to impoverished people living in rural areas of El Salvador.

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